Top 5 Awesome But Affordable Items That I Want To Buy From Lazada Philippines

When online shopping became all the rage in the United States and other Western countries, many Filipinos were wondering when they can experience effortless shopping with just a few clicks of the mouse. Filipinos who want to shop from the comforts and convenience of home had to use Amazon and deal with exorbitant shipping fees, or look for local sellers who might turn out to be scammers and swindlers.

So when Lazada set up shop in the Philippines, they were welcomed with open arms by Filipinos who can now finally experience effortless and convenient online shopping. With Lazada Philippines’ enticing offer of free deliveries, it’s no wonder that many Filipinos are starting to shop online for their favorite electronic gadgets, phones and shoes.

Shopping at Lazada surely beats going out under the heat of the midday sun and trying to brave heavy traffic just to buy your favorite item at some distant shopping mall. All you have to do is to twiddle your fingers as you wait for your package to arrive. And do I need to mention that shipping is free?

My Experience With Lazada Philippines

I only started using Lazada Philippines last year because I was a bit hesitant to try online shopping, thinking that I need to use a credit card to shop online. I don’t think any bank would give a credit card to someone who works from home and has an inconsistent income (being a freelancer and all).

To my pleasant surprise, however, I learned that Lazada allows you pay through cash on delivery (COD), meaning that I can pay only upon receiving the item. This payment method is really easy and convenient for people like me who don’t have credit cards or are hesitant to use them online.

The first item I ordered was a Xiaomi Redmi 1S smartphone which costs P 4,999. I was able to bring down the price to P 4,499 by using a P 500 discount coupon.

To this day, I’m still using this phone as my primary phone and as soon as it breaks down (hopefully later rather than sooner), I might look for another one to buy from the Lazada Philippines website.

If you don’t mind receiving your order after two days (or more), then shopping at Lazada is a wise decision. You’ll avoid the crowds and you don’t have to deal with some pesky salesladies who often watch you like you’re about to steal something.

The Top 5 Items I Want to Buy From Lazada Philippines

Without further ado, I present to you my top five favorite items that I want to buy from Lazada Philippines. Take note that I’m only including items that I can afford to splurge cash on without feeling pangs of guilt. So, no matter how much I’d love to get my hands on the latest iPhone model, I prefer to save the money and go for the more affordable brands instead.

Alcatel Flash 2 16GB

Alcatel Flash 2
As of this writing, this cheap but powerful Android phone has over 1,100 reviews. Boasting of a 64-bit octa-core processor, 5″ IPS HD display, 16 GB ROM, 13 MP main camera, and a 3,000 mAh lithium-ion battery, the Alcatel Flash 2 is impressively packed with great features but still light on your wallet.

It’s reasonably priced at P 6,190 which is within the budget range of even the stingiest smartphone user. No, it’s not as good as an iPhone but who couldn’t resist the price tag? It’s good enough for the occasional selfies and browsing on Facebook.

Who cares about expensive phones when you can get one that does the job at a fraction of the price, right?

As soon as I’ve saved enough money, this beast of a phone is surely first on my shopping list.

ASUS ZenPower 10050 mAh Powerbank

Asus Zenpower

If you are prone to travelling, having a trustworthy powerbank by your side is always a must. You don’t want to be that annoying person who is always on the lookout for the nearest power outlet, do you?

Although I use my phone a lot and I do travel occasionally, I haven’t bought my own powerbank yet. You can blame my stingy self for that. The last time I went outside my island, I had to borrow one from my sister.

However, I can see myself travelling to a lot of places in the future, so the ASUS ZenPower 10050 mAh powerbank goes to my wishlist at Lazada. At P 795, it’s a wise investment that will free you from the tyranny of your phone charger.

Casio Men’s Silver Stainless Steel Strap Vintage Watch

Casio Men's Silver Watch

Whether your time is worth like gold to you or not, it’s essential to rock a watch that fits your busy (or lazy) lifestyle. The Casio men’s silver stainless steel strap vintage watch combines elegance with everyday utility.

As of this writing, this great-looking watch will set you back by only P 870 so it’s certainly a no-brainer to buy this one. My days of reaching for my phone to check the time will soon be over.

CWL Upright Stationary Bike

CWL Upright Bike

I’m ashamed to admit that I have grown a significant amount of beer belly because of my sedentary lifestyle, as well as the fact that I spend eight hours a day in front of the computer. I’d love to hit the gym but for now, I will buy the CWL upright stationary bike to help me shed off a few pounds.

It costs less than P 3,000 so it’s less expensive than your regular hospital stay which would most likely happen if you neglect your health too much.

K-Swiss 03523-479 X Lite ST CMF Men’s Running Shoes

K-Swiss Running Shoes

To complete my transformation to a healthy lifestyle, I have decided to do some regular jogging after work, and that’s why this pair of K-Swiss running shoes is high up on my shopping list.

Sure, it costs a significant sum of money but it’s an investment towards your good health. What use is all the money in the world if you’re in the sick bed, right?

Shopping is Fun If Done At Home

Like most members of the male species, I personally hate shopping. Even if my girlfriend invites me to join her shopping, I’d still prefer to stay at home rather than brave the crowds and wander around the supermarket aisles.

Lazada has been a godsend to me and I think they’re doing a fantastic job in bringing the mall to you instead of the other way around. All I need to do is to fire up my computer and browse their wide selection of items, and I didn’t even need to show them my credit card. That’s unparalleled convenience that wouldn’t have been possible without Lazada.

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